Just right

"I loved the way Meghan did my eyebrows. She listened to me carefully and did my eyebrows exactly how i wanted them to look like. My eyebrows are very complicated to shape but Meghan gets it just right."

Rabaia A.


Comfortable &

“Today was my first appointment and I am so pleased. Mary is wonderful and made me instantly feel comfortable. She explained everything and was professional. Very nice lady! Great location. I will definitely go back. Love the way my eyebrows look.”

Debbie G.


The best brow shape for your face

“After having someone eff up my brows at one of those cheap we-do-everything salons, I decided I needed to step up my brow grooming game, and I've been going to Eye Love for years now! I've seen both Mary and Meghan and they're both amazing at achieving the best brow shape for your face.”

Lisa R.


The beautiful Brow queen

“I once worked with this girl who told me the arches of my brows were pointy. I listened to her and plucked off the "pointy" parts. Let's just say it did not end well.

Enter the beautiful brow queen, Meghan.”

Cathy H.



“The space is s'cute and her friendly doberman Eli is usually hangin' around. GO! Your brows will look suave.”

Hanna K.



I'll be back

"Amanda did an amazing job! Will be coming back in the future!"

Melissa M.


a gem

“Found a gem today. I had my first of MANY visits to come and have to say it was one of the best customer service experiences of late. If you are new to the brow shaping/tinting/maintenance business go here! Mary was sweet, honest and quite impressive. I asked her about a couple different services and instead of selling me on them she explained why some wouldn't work for my eye and brow shape. Truly unique and personalized care...LOVE it and my brows!"

Sara K.


The eyebrow queen

“Dear Mary! thank you AGAIN for amazing job! You are simply the eyebrow Queen. Highly recommend you to all my friends!”

Valentina B.


highly recommend

“Thank goodness for Eye Love!!! I would highly recommend coming here for all your eyebrow needs! I'm looking forward to my next visit."

Maya Y.


Loving my brows

“I have two very different eyebrows and they're very full and out of control. I hated them growing up! Mary has taught me to grow them out and love them."

Frances A.



“When I came to Amanda, I was forlorn and downcast. As I explained to her, I had at one time possessed beautifully shaped and thick brows until they were massacred. She left me feeling amazing after cleaning them up and penciling them in."

Leah T.